If you have an immigration-related problem, chances are you won’t be able to sort it out by yourself. In order to get your permanent residency, your employment visa, your permanent labor certification or your work permit, you need to ensure that you prepare your case in accordance with legal requirements. We want to make it easier for you, so we are happy to offer you an initial immigration lawyers Florida free consultation to help you understand what your needs are.

This service is free of change and it doesn’t bind you into any agreement. Once you get your appointment with an experienced immigration attorney, you’re free to use the information you’re going to get as you want. You can choose to hire us to help you get your work permit, visa or permanent residency or you can keep searching for lawyers elsewhere.

The biggest benefit of getting your immigration lawyers Florida free consultation is that you can understand what your main issues are without having to pay a dime for that. Even though obtaining a work permit may seem similar to getting your work authorization, there may be slight differences between the two in terms of procedure. An experienced lawyer would be able to seize these differences and provide you with sound advice in regard to the legal path to follow to have your situation sorted out. Even if you don’t follow up, you’d still have a clear knowledge of your current situation. Maybe there’s no reason for you to fear deportation. Maybe there are good reasons for you to take immediate action. Either way, knowing where you stand will help you plan for the future, regardless of your choice to hire us or not.

Sometimes you may be only one small step away from deportation or imminent removal without even knowing it. This is only one of the examples of cases that could benefit from a free consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Trusting an inexperienced professional could cost you your future. By having this initial meeting with our lawyers, you’ll have the opportunity to assess our ability to help you live and work legally in the US. We have many customers who are now permanent residents of this country. Some of them are still living and working in Florida while others have relocated to other states. Nevertheless, they are all as safe as can be when it comes to their immigration status. You can be one of them, but only if you choose the right attorney of law to help you handle this process.

Immigration is a very serious issue and you have to treat it as such. Once you’ve been removed, everything becomes way more difficult, so you may never manage to get your permanent residency. Even getting a basic work permit could become a challenge in this situation. This is a very good reason why you should choose to take advantage of this free consultation with a savvy attorney of law, in order to learn more about your risks.